More about me

You've seen what I do on a Tuesday but there's more than that.


On Monday night, I help out at a local church with my mum, I sit behind the reception desk and let people in. So basically I'm a receptionist as well as a radio DJ.

Going back to my DJing.... I run my own radio show at home which I started back in September 2011 and is currently coming up to it's 6th year. Even I have some help!

Also, I've been working for a local radio station within the last few years. I worked for Salford City Radio - as a guest presenter on the progressive rock show which is now currently in its 3rd year.

You can hear my interview by clicking here where I took part in a Gordon Giltrap special.

Before I first started working part time for Salford City Radio, I appeared live on a celebration show where a member of the public went to the station (in this case - me!) and gave a life story. I even got the chance to tell the listeners about my home radio shows, then a few months later, I was introduced to Progressive Rock and that's how I appeared on The Progressive Rock Show, doing two specials around the works of Gordon Giltrap (one of which is featured about in the short clip), a special to do with the lighter side of Progressive Rock and finally a special show for Salford City Radio entitled 'Desert Island Disks' where I chose a few tracks, wrote some notes down and played the tracks I picked, mentioning a few people along the way. I even spreaded the word round different radio stations, including past colleges and my current colleges and my friends and family.

So there you go.... that's what I do....